"Ingame" is derived from English term "in the game". Our aim: to understand architectural design substantive "game rules".

First, the design methods, in addition to creating value for our clients with our professional knowledge and expertise, we are more accustomed fully establish smooth communication channels with our clients to ensure complete understanding of the their direct and also potential demand, to provide them with the most appropriate and perfect solution program; Secondly, we believe that the value should not only be involved in artistic accomplishment and aesthetic expression of the designer's individual creativity, we are more interested in the exploration, mining the unique elements of each design task, and its potential opportunity to convert and realize the value. What even more exciting are unique opportunities to transform "disadvantage" or "restrictions" into the tipping point to achieve a unique creative design work.

INgAmE Office was established in 2004 in Boston, USA, In order to better serve the Chinese customers, at the end of 2007 officially established in shenzhen, China office design consulting co., LTD.

Our designers are come from diverse backgrounds, such as Harvard University, Yale University, University of Toronto, Tsinghua University, Shenzhen University, etc. Our team not only holds strong educational background, but also performs high level professional practices with a broad international vision and experience. The office collaborated with many well-known architects globally. Same of them are OMA, KENGO KUMA AND ASSOCIATES, AECOM, CCDI.