ANCIENT TEMPLE REBORNReconstruction of Kichijoji Temple in Chaozhou

Jixiang Temple is located in Chaoan County, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province. It is about ten kilometers away from both the center of Chaozhou City and the town of Fuyang in a straight line. The distance from Chaozhou Railway Station is far, and the nearest station is Fengxi Rural Bus Station. It is close to Chaoshan Ring Road Expressway. There are many temples within ten kilometers, and the area where the project is located has a certain Buddhist foundation.

The parking lot is set under the viaduct at the entrance of the village, so that people can walk through the canal to the temple, passing through the farmland and the ancestral square on the way, with the Han River on the right side hidden by the trees, and finally through a dense forest to the temple gate. The walking experience is quiet and long, allowing people to settle down before entering the temple.

The development of the temple can lead to the transformation of the surrounding residential houses into supporting industries related to Buddhism and the temple. The development of the temple will lead to the reuse of abandoned houses and re-invigorate the community.

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