Shenzhen Natural History Museum Kongming Lanterns

 A Floating Museum Embracing Landscape and Nature

Amplifying The Shenzhen Natural History Museum’s civic and curatorial goals, we conceive its future home as a bridge that unites two dimensions of nature—the vision of nature represented by the collections, and its rich embodiment in surrounding natural resources. In a synthesis of the museum with the cit y, river, and mountains, the project follows a deceptively simple series of generative design operations. The project turns the architectural question of the “Museum” into an interactive experience that literally and metaphorically reflects the surrounding city and landscape. At night, the exhibition towers transform into lanterns—illuminating the wonders and contributions of scientific discover y and our natural world. Weaving the individual and the collective, the monumental and the intimate, the past and the future, this three-dimensional architectural landscape reinvents the museum as a unique 21st Century icon.

Inspired by the context , our proposal star ts with a single line, which we gently bend in a contemplation of cit y and landscape, embracing both the planned urban fabric and the bend of the Pingshan River. Like a confident Chinese brush stroke, the bold gesture harmonizes its surroundings. The resulting concave roofline echoes the geomorphology of the Yanzi Lake river valley itself, and completes the beauty of the proposed master plan and lake.

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