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  • Senior Architect
    Senior Architect
    1. Passionate about architectural design, with good design taste and aesthetic cultivation
    2. 6 years or more experience in architectural design in well-known firms or Grade A design institutes, at least 3 medium to large scale projects as the architectural professional leader
    3. Familiar with building codes and technical cooperation of various professions, project review and approval process, and related codes
    4. good at expansion, construction drawings, detailing, and construction cooperation, able to independently lead the team and coordinate the design, willing to participate in the core management of the company
    5. Preferably with a first-class registered architect qualification

  • Business Manager
    Business Manager
    1. Familiar with architectural design business process, with more than 3 years of project management or business operation experience in well-known design enterprises
    2. Highly self disciplined, responsible and organized, with good interpersonal communication skills
    3. Be competent for the comprehensive responsibilities of personnel, business and other company operation managers
    4. Bachelor degree or above, with oral and written English skills
  • Project Architect
    Project Architect
    1. Bachelor's degree or above in architecture and at least 4 years working experience in a well-known design-based design agency.
    2. have worked as a project architect or project manager in at least 2 medium-sized projects, able to develop design concepts and schematic designs; cooperate with design deepening and independently lead the team and coordinate design execution
    3. Strong sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit, good communication and coordination skills, effective coordination with A and other professionals
    4. Good independent working ability, familiar with common design software; strong creative desire for architecture, able to take the initiative to propose solutions to problems

  • Architect
    1.Bachelor degree or above in architecture.
    2.Strong creative desire and experimental spirit for architecture, willing to explore and practice;
    3. Familiar with common design software; efficient ability to transform design concepts into models and drawings.
    5. Strong organizational and coordination skills and teamwork spirit.
    6. Strong hands-on ability, willing to study nodes, details, materials and processes, and use physical models to push the design.

  • Urban planning designer
    Urban planning designer
    1. Excellent professional background, Master degree in urban design or architecture or equivalent;
    2. In the past work experience, I have been deeply involved in various design stages of design-oriented, complex and large and medium-sized urban design projects with different development densities, especially those in China and Asia;
    3. Used to work in a well-known urban design or architectural design firm, with keen design vision, professional skills and management knowledge, able to accurately and comprehensively communicate design and experience;
    4. Willing to lead and manage design team, with good time management and delivery ability.
  • Architecture Interns
    Architecture Interns
    1. The fourth-year undergraduate or above or master's students in Architecture;
    2. Have a strong creative desire and experimental spirit for architecture, and be willing to explore and practice;
    3. High practical ability, strong ability to withstand pressure, at least three months full-time internship period, we will not only let you contact and participate in all aspects of the actual project without reservation, but also provide reasonable labor allowance.
  • Media Assistant
    Media Assistant
    1. Update and maintenance of website and public account;
    2. Prepare drawings and written materials for publication;
    3. Make all kinds of graphic materials needed for exhibition, award application, academic lectures, etc.;
    4. Participate in the design and drawing of research projects.

    Specific requirements:
    1. College degree or above in architecture, design or related major, relevant working experience is preferred;
    2. Proficient in computer vision graphics software;
    3. Have enthusiasm for architectural design, work carefully, have a sense of responsibility, and have good time management ability;
    4. Have professional knowledge and skills in architectural drawing and expression related fields, have good aesthetic quality and graphic design ability.
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