Interview with Zhang Zhiyang for 40 years of Shenzhen Design
The "Ten Years Journey" section consists of more than 50 in-depth interview videos. Among the interviewers are the first batch of pioneers in Shenzhen who are over 70 years old, as well as the new talents born in the 1990s; it is their narration that allows us to capture many flesh-and-blood details in addition to the grand narrative. , countless such details, revealing all the answers about Shenzhen design. As a representative of Shenzhen Design's 40 years of space design, Zhang Zhiyang came to Shenzhen with his parents in 1983. He was "deep" for 37 years and told his story with Shenzhen and how to gain architectural enlightenment in this rapidly developing city ; After experiencing local education, studying abroad, and finally returning to the mental journey of serving Shenzhen, he has witnessed the development of Shenzhen, the changes of architecture and the city from a unique perspective, and the individuals who have participated in and influenced the development of Shenzhen's architecture and city in the past ten years. practice.

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