INNOVATIVE GARDENUrban Design of the Core Area of Wuxi Wanshan Lake Ecological Science and Technology City (First Prize in International Competition)

The Chinese Garden Future City rooted in Jiangnan culture and the low-carbon smart city integrating Lake City will shine on the banks of Wanshan Lake in Wuxi.
Wanshan Lake Science and Technology City is located in Xishan District, east of Wuxi City, and belongs to the core part of Wanshan Lake Area of Xishan Economic and Technological Development Zone. Wuxi proposed to take Wanshan Lake Ecological Science and Technology City as an innovative strategic node, link the Xishan High-speed Railway Business District to the west, and jointly build the "Xidong Future City" between the two cities, and build a gateway hub for science and technology innovation in the east of Wuxi. We believe that the core area of Wanshan Lake Ecological Science and Technology City will shoulder three central missions.

We put forward the value proposition of "people-oriented science and technology", and propose to build a future science and technology city from the understanding of the development relationship of "people-technology-city", and propose three important spatial design visions of "inclusiveness", "sharing" and "uniqueness". Focusing on the smart island around the lake, Pioneer Technology will lead the trend of future urban interactive innovation. It is planned to lay out 5 major technology landmarks by the lake, and 4 technology-themed streets will lead the layout of technology service functions in depth. The design is in a vertical growth innovation space, making full use of smart infrastructure to build complex and efficient service tenon and mortise; the technology theme street organizes a "horizontal chain" of technology life, technology creation, technology service and technology leading projects. "Vertical Creation" and "Horizontal Chain" interpret the future technology city imagination of Smart Island.

Coordinate the Dawanshan Lake area and combine the ecological resources of different lakedang areas to form a waterfront ecological park with multiple characteristics, highlighting the unique landscape image. We propose to build the science and technology function center and the first living room of Wanshan Lake Ecological Science and Technology City, and build a future city based on the needs of people and technology. The "1+5" living room community around the lake: the base is the main living room, and the five peripheral groups are linked. The center forms a living room community around the lake. Six living rooms with different themes are laid out along the Wanshan Lakeside Lake interface, including the Jiulihe living room, the town living room, the Wanshan living room, the living room under the corridor, the living room on Xihu Road and the living room in the core area. The core area is the core area and technology cloud brain riveting the living room groups around the lake. In order to create a core area led by "low carbon + wisdom", the plan proposes the "SMART" low-carbon wisdom model, starting from "carbon reduction" and "carbon sequestration", grasping the five major spatial systems of "carbon emission control" and forming "S A low-carbon city model of "carbon sink network + M microclimate optimization + A green building + R green municipal + T low carbon transportation", forming planning standards to lead future construction

We have composed three sets of spatial genes into a scientific and technological genome, along the three spatial clues of the lakeshore, track and river network, and radiated to the lake in a finger-like layout, forming a spatial plan of "one belt, six squares, and one chain. Combined with the spatial design vision, planning Three major urban design strategies are proposed, namely: sharing the belt around the lake, creating a unique waterfront gateway with the integration of the lake and the city, and a technology service hub for regional sharing. The Vientiane Science and Technology Workshop aims at the two innovative links of "creation" and "manufacturing". The customized technology neighborhood is an innovative industrial city space of Vientiane Interaction. The technology garden chain creates a future technology city space rooted in Chinese culture and very "Chinese style".

Sharing Belt Around The Lake
"High-speed rail + Binhu", a regional shared technology service area
Spatial composition: It consists of several functional neighborhoods arranged around Binhu Lake and the Dacheng Road expressway connecting to the high-speed rail business district;

Functional role: The area shares and utilizes the functional neighborhoods arranged around the lake. Through the connection between the road and the ecological resources of Dawanshan Lake, it connects the Dangkou area on the southeast side, the Donggang area on the north side, the Changshu Shanghu area on the east side, and even expands with Suzhou North Railway Station in the future. Area linkages. High Speed Rail Link: Combined with the three-dimensional overall layout of the underground tunnels of Dacheng Road, the HUB is shared with technology to form a functional collaboration portal area connecting with the high-speed rail business district.

Vientiane Technology Workshop
"Creation + Creation", the innovative industrial city space of Vientiane Interactive
Spatial composition: It consists of seven “creation and creation” neighborhoods embedded in the garden habitat, a group of slow-life creativity centers and a set of fast-interaction infrastructure systems.
Functions: "Creation + Creation" Technology Neighborhood aims to combine creativity and production, and provides a functional platform that adapts to different products. Slow Life relies on gardens to provide event locations that include various life experiences. Quick Interaction takes smart infrastructure as the carrier and integrates various urban security functions such as municipal administration, transportation, and logistics.

Science & Technology Garden Chain
"China + Future", the future life carrier of China Fan and Science and Technology City

Spatial composition: It is composed of a large urban green belt adjacent to Wanshan Lake and a set of Liushang Qushui garden network chain that blends with the urban landscape; Function: The large urban park green belt near the lake is to provide a regional urban ecological space and carry ecological conservation. Functions such as tourism, large-scale urban activities, and regional cooperation; the internal garden network is mainly for daily services, closely integrated with living, working, and leisure spaces to provide uninterrupted public and solitude experiences, and is also a carrier for local cultural display.

To create a city of people-oriented science and technology that looks forward to the future, people-oriented science and technology, a city of creativity in Vientiane innovation, a future city of Chinese gardens rooted in Jiangnan culture, and a low-carbon smart city integrating lake and city will shine on the banks of Wanshan Lake in Wuxi.

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