MORAINE CAPE PARKQingdao Shilaoren Marina Park Design Competition

From the rich tidal flats to the diverse inland areas, it is a natural space where mountains and seas are connected and the ecology is lush. From the geological museum to the dome greenhouse, the geological-themed buildings complement the natural space and become a new landmark in Qingdao
The coastline of Laoshan is the only moraine beach on China's long coastline and has unparalleled geological heritage value. According to the survey by scientists, the Shilaoyan Coast developed from the middle of the Cenozoic. "Laoshan is a natural ancient glacier museum... It belongs to the world's most precious geological relics and has extremely high scientific value."

The park will serve as a model for coastal ecological restoration, employing low-intervention strategies that will help strengthen and restore the area's ecological and geological heritage. We consider the flora and fauna of this site to be an invaluable cultural heritage of our project, having endured thousands of years of natural and human disturbance to become what it is today. Through habitat restoration efforts, we hope to enhance the natural beauty of the area and create impactful and meaningful public spaces and social experiences for residents and visitors to actively live and contemplate within the region's unique landscape and culture. The site’s proximity to the city’s cultural center, beaches, rocky tidal shores and Qingdao Mountains allows the site to be shaped as a gateway space that integrates diverse habitats to form a diverse restoration community, a landscape network that is constantly being restored.

Featured Structure System: Structures are not only an important support for space activities, but also an important basis for site identity and site intention expression. In the park, we have designed a series of characteristic structures inspired by the spatial context, forming a symbol in the space, and creating a variety of places and experiences with rich memories

Active Frame: Blue + Green Ribbon

Above the ecological background is the activity structure of the park. We defined a blue ribbon and a green ribbon linking the site node spaces and thematic experiences with the two habitat themes. The blue ribbon runs along the coastline and the green ribbon runs through the forest and eventually connects to the mountains. The two ribbons are connected to the city and the building complex by a series of north-south paths, forming the traffic and experience system of the park.

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