SKY WALLED CITYShenzhen Pingdi Low Carbon City International Competition 2015

Create a "Sky Walled City" solution formed by the superposition of urban high-density infrastructure and personalized customized space to replace the modernist model of centralized construction
Crises and Anxieties Facing Contemporary Cities:
1. The never-ending demand of high-density cities is destroying the memory of cities (urban renewal).
2. Real estate has kidnapped the liquidity of residents' disposable income. Everyone yearns to become or become a house slave.
3. The creation of space has become the specialty of real estate developers, and ordinary citizens are deprived of their instinct and power to shape personalized space.
4. In the wave of urban renewal and the creation of new cities, the endless material demand leads to huge waste of resources, and the huge amount of garbage production continues unabated. The city's digestive system is on the verge of paralysis.
5. The inconsistency between the pursuit of eternity in architecture and the ever-accelerating mobility and timeliness of the city.
6. Planning and planning The ridiculous predictions of a city's future, akin to a fortune-teller, keep proving ineffective, but no one takes responsibility for it.

With these questions, we set out to seek a perfect answer: Is it possible to free the individual's free choice? Can a city become a true ecosystem composed of thousands of individuals freely chosen? Can the materials in the city range from building materials to small furniture and electrical appliances to make the best use of them? Through an Internet-based, sharing economy model is able to find their new owners and spaces, and no longer let the most valuable items turn into junk. Architecture needs a new perspective and role to integrate into such a new model. In the future, people will no longer need to occupy any space resources permanently. The space resource will be the same as a shared bicycle or a power bank, as long as you only need to occupy it when you use it. Everything can be shared. New Bright City will provide us with such a model, the city will get the high density it deserves, but no longer need to destroy its own memory, people can flow freely, without sacrificing individual space as the price, architecture Master and interior designer Chen Hui faces smaller and more personalized homeowners and realizes their own ideals for each of them. Even the development of tools will allow everyone to be the best designer for designing their own life.

We created a "Sky Walled City" solution formed by the superposition of urban high-density infrastructure and individual customized spaces to replace the modernist model of centralized construction. Urban infrastructure and the main structure of the building are realized in a conventional mode: a permanent high-density structural skeleton is built at one time, equipped with vertical transportation and other infrastructure, and permanent utilization can ensure large social resources and avoid huge urban renewal similar to urban renewal. disruptive destruction and waste. Personalized space customization is a 12X12X12 space module-magic box. The decision of the space content is handed over to the tenant (user). The purpose is to transform the traditional construction model into an Internet model, and customize the needs according to the different needs of users. space, which can carry more material circulation, metabolism and sustainable development. In this way, a new logic of urban ecology is created, and more new industries are implanted in the system, so that the new community and the old city memory can coexist peacefully.

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