PHOENIX HABITAT NEW TOWNKunming Qifeng New Town Urban Design 2010

The project is located in Guandu District, Kunming. It is an urban renewal project covering an area of 12.8 hectares with a plot ratio of more than 4. The proposed total above-ground construction area exceeds 5 million square meters, and the future population is expected to exceed 150,000. Such a scale has gone beyond the scope of general community planning, and should be understood as a complete city. Therefore, we suggest that the owners get rid of the conventional residential area planning ideas and turn to the planning of a more complex urban design system. In this way, the new city will not only passively meet many mandatory regulations for residential area planning, but actively design for a dynamic and sustainable new urban area.

Our specific design strategies include:

On top of the upper urban road system, an urban "green belt park" with a width of about 70-100 meters is superimposed to connect the entire plots together. At the same time, the plots are divided into small and reasonable scales, so that each group can Easy walk to Central Greenbelt Park. Cultural, educational, medical, commercial and other public life supporting functions are embedded along the green belt park. And integrate the city bus station with it.

In the geometric center of the area, a concentrated high-density public service area covering an area of 3 hectares is added: hotels, offices, shopping centers, headquarters bases, commercial streets, and cultural activity centers are arranged around a 1.2-hectare artificial lake. The periphery is ensured by the ring-shaped urban road. This area will assume the role of shaping Qifeng New City's unique regional image, regional sense of belonging and cohesion.

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