School in Dingtai South AreaArchitectural scheme design of school project in Dingtai South Area

The limited area of the plot has created multiple courtyards, forming a rich and shared space for diverse teaching activities. Having the spatial characteristics of both inward facing courtyards and outward facing interfaces, shaping a good school community boundary and forming a unique interface opening and closing effect.

The project is located at the intersection of Qianhai Road and Dongbin Road, about 500m away from Yihai Station of Metro Line 9 and Lilin Road, with convenient transportation; The surrounding areas are mainly commercial, residential and industrial; The east side is a small high-rise residence, the west side is a 100-meter high-rise residence, the south side is close to the urban green space, the landscape is good; The north side is close to the main road of the city, and the noise has a great impact on the school; The construction plot is flat, irregular polygon, triangular plot with acute Angle and low utilization rate. Conventional layout is difficult to improve the utilization rate of land, resulting in space waste.

We adopted a bold and innovative layout: the main classroom space was enclosed to form a whole courtyard, and the part with good sunshine and lighting conditions was selected as the classroom, and the other parts were arranged with auxiliary functional facilities. The ground floor adopts the open design strategy, and a cross street is laid out in the middle of the campus, which connects the main square space of the campus: the sunshine hall in front of the school, the shared central garden, the physical and sound garden, etc. Along both sides of the street, public activities such as libraries, lecture halls, canteens, theaters, dance classrooms, wind and rain playgrounds and gymnasiums are arranged to become the main distribution axis and dynamic interface of student activities. From the school gate to the city park, three sight corridors are formed to ensure that the sight of the campus and the landscape on both sides is not interrupted.

Architectural style, facade design requirements: should be based on the principle of modern simplicity, in the facade image, details decoration and non-building elements of the design of unity and coordination, to form a complete and rich characteristic space, reflecting the cultural connotation of the school. Pay attention to the actual function of campus buildings, using reasonable and economical structural forms and materials.

Through spatial combing and integration, a reasonable layout is formed to create an intensive and efficient dynamic campus. Within the limited scope of the plot, multiple courtyards are shaped to form a rich space for sharing multiple teaching activities. With the spatial characteristics of both internal courtyard and external interface, it creates a good school-community boundary and forms a characteristic interface opening and closing effect. Echoing the urban public green space, forming a three-dimensional circular green ecological campus space. Combined with the urban green space on the north side of the site, a shared green ring is created around the campus public space, and plants are planted at different elevations to form a characteristic ecological space surrounded by green.

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