Pingdi Culture and Sports Center

Form an interesting and convenient climate and landscape friendly experience space, and integrate sports and cultural space to form a comprehensive sports center for experiencing interest.
The base is located on the node of the urban green corridor. The urban vitality, convenience and openness are very good. The public crowd tends to enter from the east, and the urban car dealers can quickly reach from the west main road and the city main road.

The living landscape interface is mainly the east side and the north side interface, the city display interface is the west side, and the cultural and sports center has a good display surface and publicity.

Guide the main public flow to the middle, connect the north-south living interface, and form an open and convenient vitality center to connect the sports and cultural spaces on both sides. The logistics service arrives at the serviced space sequentially through the south side, and the flow of people and vehicles does not interfere with each other. Cultural space is set in the square on the east side of the plot, which is convenient for evacuation and display. Sports space is mainly arranged on the top and west side, interspersed with cultural space.

Open ramps are used between the cultural and sports spaces to divert people to arrive, forming an interesting and convenient climate and landscape friendly experience space. The sports and cultural spaces can be integrated to form a comprehensive cultural and sports center with interesting experience. The urban display interface and the sports entrance form a public cultural and sports space that is recognizable, experiential and open, and the truss structure and the overhead layer become the symbol space of the project. So that people can participate in the cultural and sports space in a friendly and convenient way.

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