FLOATING SHOPPING NETNanyou Shopping Park Urban Complex

A brand new "shopping net" floats above the park. The net is the shopping gallery, and the mesh is the park or square. You can enjoy the view of the park anytime while shopping. At night, the lights of the mall will ensure the lighting and safety of the park.

Nowadays, the difference between aimless wandering and shopping has become indistinguishable, both seeking unexpectedly pleasurable experiences in total relaxation. The innate conditions of the Nanyou Shopping Park project itself have created unique conditions for this.

The site is located between the Garden City and the coast, and is the last urban park in Nanshan District. It is required to organically combine an urban park with a large commercial complex. While the upper-level plan proposes to set the complex independently along the boundary between the park and the city road, we felt that doing so would mean giving up a great opportunity. An opportunity to fuse hanging out with shopping, an opportunity to mix indoors and outdoors, an opportunity that required us to tuck the square-box mall into a shredder and replace it with a "mesh", the new "shopping". "Net" floats above the park, the net wire is the shopping veranda, and the mesh is the park or square. This layout not only greatly improves the shopping experience: the scenery of the park can be overlooked at any time during shopping; at night, the lights of the shopping mall will ensure the lighting and safety of the park.

In the already saturated competitive environment of commercial complexes in Nanshan District, this unique model of park and business reciprocity reinforces the uniqueness of Nanyou Shopping Park, and of course increases her chances of success. At the same time, the design uses a strong contemporary architectural language to create a landmark, bold spatial experience, and a positive response to the subtropical monsoon climate and environmentally friendly strategies.

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