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The competition at Longhua Sports Center provides an opportunity to develop a project that illustrates the importance of building a strong relationship between architecture, urbanism and landscape.

Located in the triangle between Qingquan Road, Jianshe Road and Meilong Road, it is a powerful public space in Shenzhen. If it is considered from the perspective of citizen management and better public interests. Recognizing that Meilong road runs along the Guanlan River and the tributaries of Longhua River, this triangle can also form an important connection - the edge of water and a walkway to enhance public access, which is one of the most important natural features of Shenzhen.

As one of the fast-growing cities in the world and now one of the largest cities, it is time for Shenzhen to consider the park as the green lung of Shenzhen. Is there a place more suitable for the green lung than a sports area? Its dimension can provide a lot of green plants and oxygen, which shows the importance of sustainable growth. Second, if the environmental conditions of Shenzhen - warm and humid tropical climate are envisaged, it is also an opportunity to create an environment to protect the public from the impact of direct sunlight, provide sufficient shadow and rain, and welcome sufficient light into the internal space.

As an overall strategy, we have developed a philosophy: to ensure the integrity of the green space system of the whole site. In order to achieve this goal, we effectively extend the park from Qingquan avenue to Hebin Road on both sides. Then, from the section, we vertically divide and distribute the functions above and below the "park public corridor". In this way, the area below the site is dominated by commercial retail at the street level. When people enter the space of the area, these public projects, such as public hall, children's auditorium and elderly projects, can be accessed directly from the ground.

"Floating garden" in Shenzhen

Longhua sports center competition

In a "suspended carpet" building, we raise the range of the sports hall and stadium above the ground as the "thickened roof" of the whole public area. The scale of the project creates a possibility of "carpet urbanization", because the relationship between function, air corridor and daylighting wells creates a more relaxed space with the ground. The large vertical hanger can be used not only as the elevator shaft, but also as the outlet of long-span truss; Conversely, the truss can also be supported by the structure of corridors, ramps and walkways. In fact, these trusses are the infrastructure of the green landscape: the canopy frame with ivy and the columnar structure of green plants.

This strategy attempts to extend an "urban Memorial" from the informal and chaotic urban debris: by collecting urban small and medium-sized and micro elements - retail, small houses, courtyards and small streets - and collecting them together through a concept of "canopy", they can create more value than the sum of their respective pieces. For example, the "shutter Facade" on Qingquan Avenue provides a continuous veil for the project. Under the concept of "huge" volume of the city, its first floor space is mixed with the signs of retail blocks to build a village with a green roof as an extension of the typical "Pedestrian Street" urban culture in the south.

The characteristics of the problem project are defined by the strict order in the north-south direction, which is an ideal choice for sports venues and outdoor venues. From the city of these courtyards and alleys, the large playground is carved into a huge "area", a community green space, which can be used as a public space when it is not used for sports. As part of the main civic Avenue, a corner of Qingquan and Meilong road creates an entrance to the playground and extends to the Longhua river. Compared with the cultural settlement of more private streets, alleys and courtyards, this is a more commemorative and declarative urban axis, extending the city's life to the green riverside park.

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