FISHERMAN VILLAGE REJUVENATELuohu Fisherman Village Environmental Improvement Comprehensive Improvement Project

Through simple and effective design methods, while retaining the historical sense of the fishermen's village, it adds contemporary elements, and integrates into it in a light-intrusive way

There is such an urban village with special significance in Shenzhen. It is called the starting point of reform and opening up, and it is a witness to the vigorous development of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. And this place with such profound significance, as a residential settlement, is faced with the need to retain its original "texture" in the greatest sense. Based on these backgrounds, combined with the current situation of the fishermen's village, fully understand the living and use needs of the residents, and seek truth from facts to improve people's livelihood issues. Through simple and effective design methods, while retaining the historical sense of the fishermen's village, while adding contemporary elements to lighten The way of intervention is integrated into it, and the original unfriendly environment and facilities have been preserved to the greatest extent in the design to provide an ideal place for residents to live and relax.

The project is located on the south side of Chuanbu Road in Luohu District, close to Binhe Avenue where vehicles come and go. If you are sitting on the express train during busy hours, you may not notice the scene here. It seems to be no different from ordinary residential communities. But if you stop and slowly approach the square of the village entrance park along the roadside path, you can start to explore this extraordinary "story starting point". In Cunkou Park, the designer kept all the big trees by the roadside, and behind a wall is the boundary of Hong Kong. The three words "Fisherman Village" and some brief historical summaries are engraved on the promenade at the entrance of the village. The whole is perched under the shade of greenery and stands quietly beside the busy street. This is what most people think of "the entrance to the village". Impression depiction. However, the seemingly simple landscape transformation and the preservation of green plants were not so smooth at first. However, the designer does not want to slash all the original "old things" on the site by drastic measures, and insists on the form of light intervention to restore and retain the original elements of these life scenes, thus bringing unobtrusive, more modern and more design. Sensational atmosphere.

Originally, there was only a flat land and some tree ponds. There was a height difference between the park floor and the surrounding sidewalks, which made it difficult to pass. Various facilities were placed in front of the park, and there were no signs. Community residents rarely stayed, and the sense of place was poor. The new plan takes the meaning of "turtle-backed stone by the sea", like a few turtles crawling in the park at the entrance of the village. The material is made of weathering steel plate, which has a strong sense of historical deposition; the new tree pond adopts a curved design, which creates many The new park provides an ideal environment for people to stop, rest and play; the ground of the park is connected by gentle slopes and the surrounding sidewalks to meet the requirements of smooth traffic and barrier-free use, making it easy for the elderly and children with limited mobility to reach ;At the same time, the re-division of pedestrian circulation and motor vehicle circulation and the horizontal connection between roads and parks help users to have more convenient circulation and journey here; through reasonable planning, all the original trees have been preserved, and the new The added waterscape of the park becomes a sign of arriving at the fishermen's village; at night, the "jellyfish" ring light strip floating above the park at the entrance of the village will light up slowly with the arrival of people, allowing people who come here at night to experience the interactive "undersea". world". The use of mirror stainless steel materials and the reflection of the green plant environment replicate the natural elements in the originally small village entrance park.

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