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It is no longer a rule maker that overrides individuals, but must become a platform that provides diverse services for the most differentiated and free individuals.
The epistemological core value basis for building a modern society is the belief that an efficient and reasonable social operating mechanism is the only guarantee for a sustainable human civilization. To ensure the effective operation of the entire mechanism, people must be placed into this system in advance as a unit of productivity. Therefore, the measure of human existence value has also become extremely simple and utilitarian. However, all the rich and diverse value characteristics in human nature that have nothing to do with system functions are completely ignored or even regarded as the existence of negative factors for the efficiency of the system. Under this value system, each of us is actually kidnapped by the system.
In today's society, we are experiencing the transformation from modern society to information society. Attaching to the system is no longer the only way for individuals to survive, and technological means such as the Internet make it possible to stretch the independence of individuals again. This shift is fundamentally shaking and subverting the very foundations of the logic of how modern society works. As an independent individual, free thinking, differentiated interest orientation, and diverse spiritual demands, these characteristics, which were regarded as redundant and redundant in traditional modern society, are being transformed into the most fundamental driving force for social progress. .

In the context of the information age, the industrial park, which has a strong representation of modern thinking and logic, will face enormous challenges in the possibility of its future survival. There seem to be only two ways out in front of it, one is like the dinosaurs in the Jurassic era, facing changes in the environment can only choose to be eliminated, no matter how powerful it looks on the outside; the other possibility is from the inside. The mechanism and even the thinking logic are transformed chronologically. It needs to actively absorb the spiritual core of the information age, emphasizing communion, sharing, communication, and freedom. Blur the boundaries and create more flexible rather than defining spaces. It is no longer a rule maker that overrides individuals, but must become a platform that provides diverse services for the most differentiated and free individuals.
In Chinese cities, which are undergoing social structural transformation, it is possible to release the various impulses and desires of human beings who were restrained in the mature social system, and the interests of these desires meet unexpectedly in the same limited urban space. , or collide with each other, or complement each other, and they are finally juxtaposed in a disorderly manner in a spatial strategy that maximizes their respective demands. The result often presents an unpredictable but extreme and shocking "urban picture".
Interestingly, this kind of undisguised and possibly unconscious practice of appropriating, dismantling, grafting, and reconstructing the construction experience of the human other in a trans-temporal and surreal manner coincides with the most avant-garde and even deviant contemporary art aesthetic trends. coincidentally.

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