SOUND OF WAVESDapeng Raw Jade Shore 33 Club

The interior and exterior are divided by transparent glass, combined with the landscape, the whole building will be hidden in the natural undulating site, looming.
The project is located in Dapeng Peninsula, Shenzhen, a typical residential area for leisure and vacation. The dense and huge single building in the residential area creates a fashionable and high-profile image, but lacks the temperament of leisure and relaxation. The clubhouse building will also serve as the sales center function in the early stage of the project. It will also be the only place in the whole project that can show relaxation, casualness and blending with nature. So we persuaded the owner to give up the high-profile attempt here and accept a low-key gesture that is invisible to the elephant and fully integrated with nature. From the elevation of the main entrance of the community, the entire building extends completely underground according to the terrain changes. The roof of the building is the infinity pool of the community. The edge of the swimming pool forms a curvilinear sunshade pavilion, which extends horizontally. The second floor has a protruding outdoor leisure platform, and the indoor and outdoor are divided by transparent glass. Combined with the cooperation of the landscape, the whole building will be hidden in the nature. In the undulating field, it is looming.

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