ACROPOLIS OF HAKKA REMAINSPingshan Dawan Cultural Plaza

The project site is in the shape of a triangle. By creating an inward-looking courtyard with a suitable size, the south side echoes the large-scale BYD Avenue through the 80-meter slab tower, and also establishes the project's identity; the east side uses a group of 4-storey small-scale The single building forms a dialogue with the pleasant-scale Pingshan River, the urban village on the opposite bank, and the important Hakka cultural heritage "Dawanshiju"; at the same time, it avoids blocking the line of sight to the adjacent high-density apartment buildings on the west side. A group of buildings are naturally enclosed into an inner courtyard open to all weather, with pleasant and friendly scales, streets and arcades, combined with landscape green plants, becoming an ideal place to carry a rich and comfortable urban life. In the design of the façade wall, we creatively introduced prefabricated concrete components, and successfully created a neat and simple curtain wall-like effect with shading function, but the cost is controlled within the standard of the window wall system.

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