URBAN DANDELIONVankeli Roof Garden in Longcheng Plaza

The modular design strategy of unit type ensures that all steel structural members can be prefabricated and processed in the factory at the same time, and the project site can be promoted at the same time, ensuring the tight project construction period of Vanke.

Longcheng Square Vankeli is an open-plan commercial building. The landscape-style roof garden slopes from south to north to Longcheng Square, becoming a green park extending upward from the square.
The main function of the sunshade is to shield the rain and direct sunlight above the atrium of the shopping mall. The light "dandelion"-like sunshade floats freely on the roof, soft and light, softening the surrounding three pavilions and one city, residential and office buildings. Formed hard boundaries. The gaps formed by the scattered single units can release the pressure of typhoons, and the roof garden under the shade of parasols has now become a favorite park space for citizens. The unitized modular design strategy ensures that all the steel structure members are prefabricated and processed at the same time, and the project site can be advanced at the same time, which ensures Vanke's tight project schedule.

In this design plan, starting from the design concept of "land thickening" in the South Square of Longcheng Square, the light "dandelions" grow on the soil, freely fall and spread on the roof, forming a community of landscape structures that imitate nature. The non-central umbrella-shaped structure is used to trace the beauty of nature. At the same time, the surrounding planned or completed three pavilions and one city, residential and office buildings, and the sprawling umbrella-shaped settlements also form a certain complement and contrast with the surrounding buildings with tough outlines. The nature and intimacy of the roof landscape garden are more prominent, forming an urban garden with unique local charm. The construction of the umbrella-shaped structure community will become a new landscape landmark on Longcheng Square. At the same time, the building of settlements will serve as a hot spot of vitality, attracting more people to carry out activities on Longcheng Square and even on the roof, and realize the spatial activation of Longcheng Square.

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